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Air conditioning Installation - What is it?

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Air conditioning is based on the precise control of temperature, humidity, air-flow and air cleanliness, providing a cool atmosphere in hot periods whilst providing one of the most cost effective forms of heating in colder periods by using the free heat found in the air outside. In fact the government has set up a scheme for businesses called the ECA scheme. The scheme is an incentive for businesses to install energy efficient systems to their premises. (Heat pump air conditioning systems are part of this scheme, proof of its efficiency) We are installers for HVAC


Why choose air conditioning?

Air conditioning can create a level of comfort that makes you, your colleagues or family feel at your best whether it is in summer when temperatures soar or in the grey cold of winter.
Modern air conditioners also produce clean, healthy fresh air making you feel better, more comfortable, more productive, active and healthier.


Cool 18 Air Conditioning Installers Swindon

We all need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. We need to switch to renewable technologies and the Government has recognised that air conditioning is an alternative energy efficient system for heating. The latest air conditioners produce no carbon emissions themselves, since they do not run on fossil fuel. They actually give out more energy than you put in, by using heat pump technology and the outside air as a heat source.


How to choose the right air conditioning

Getting the right environment is a complex process, with many factors determining which equipment is best for you. Cool 18, professional air conditioning installers and engineers, will guide you through this process by visiting your offices or premises, providing a choice of solutions and hassle free quotations without the hard sell tactics often employed by some of our competitors. (We employ air conditioning engineers not salesmen.) As a company we provide air conditioning units, air conditioning installations, air conditioning maintenance and air conditioning repairs.

Below are some of the things to consider:


To what extent do you want to control the indoor environment?


Do you want cooling only? or do you want heating and ventilation as well? Your choice will determine the equipment our air conditioning installers and engineers will specify.



Air conditioning remote control

Office Air conditioning - Cooling, Heating or Both


Air conditioning offers close temperature control.

You create the climate which you prefer, with the right temperature and air movement (including heating and ventilation if required). This creates comfort it helps to make you feel alert and fresh even in the extreme outside conditions.

Who doesn’t like being in a restaurant, shop or office with air conditioning on a hot summers day?


Internal air conditioning unit


Modern air conditioning systems also offer heating. You can have a constant temperature inside all year round regardless of the outside weather. It is an environmentally friendly option to traditional heating methods as it takes energy from the outside and brings it inside.


Air conditioning helps to produce cleaner air as they include filters that reduce the amount of dust and pollen from the air, this has benefits for every one but especially for people with allergies.


In cool mode an air conditioning system dehumidifies the air. The correct humidity also limit’s the growth of dust mites, surface moulds and condensation.


Ventilation can also be integrated in to air conditioning systems bringing in a regular supply of fresh air. Let our heating and ventilation engineers discuss the options available to you.



How many rooms?

A restaurant, shop, office, bedroom or a living room? Each will have its own requirements. In the case of more than one room it is possible to connect several indoor units to one outdoor unit as shown in the pictures below:


single system
multiple system


What capacity?

A system that is sized too big for the room will lead to draughts, fluctuating room temperatures and high energy costs. Too low a capacity and you will never attain the desired environment you expected.
Cool 18 air conditioning installers and engineers will help and advise you and calculate the correct capacity for your requirements taking into account influences like other equipment in the room, lighting, windows, south or north facing aspect and the number of people typically occupying the rooms. Office air conditioning requires carefull planning as additional needs such as the number of people, heat sources such as computers and monitors, windows and doors..

Location of the outdoor unit?

The outdoor unit should be located on a solid base and be accessible for routine and annual air conditioning maintenance by our heating and ventilation installers and engineers.

Location of the indoor unit?

The choice of model will be determined by the possible locations for the unit. Is there a false ceiling? Is there space on a wall? This is very important as the positioning of the unit in the wrong place can lead to dead spots or draughts.


Cool18 - Heating and Ventilation Installers and Engineers - Swindon, Wiltshire

An established Swindon based company delivering quality air conditioning solutions at competitive prices throughout the Wiltshire, Berkshire, Gloucester and Avon areas. Air conditioning engineers in Swindon.

As an independent air conditioning installer we offer unbiased advise across the major air conditioning manufacturers - Daikin, LG, Fujitsu, supplying, installing, repairing, servicing and maintenance in a wide variety of premises from offices, restaurants, shops, vets, doctors, medical centres and homes.


Our services include site visits to determine the best air conditioning solution to meet your needs, the supply, installation and ongoing servicing and maintenance.


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